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Howell Living History Farm in the Days of Covid-19

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Jam Lady

Joined: 28 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 20 12:45 am    Post subject: Howell Living History Farm in the Days of Covid-19 Reply with quote

Several times I have mentioned my visits to this farm - the plowing match, maple syruping, and more. The farm closed to visitors because of the virus. But that doesn't mean that farm work was not being done.

Look here: https://howellfarm.org/ and scroll down to the Farmers' Field Journal. They're raising crops and donating them to food banks. Pictures, text, and a couple of very brief videos.


Mistress Rose

Joined: 21 Jul 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 20 7:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very interesting Jam Lady. The farm is set in about the 1940s by the look of it with a mixture of horse and tractor work. I am not sure we had combine harvesters in the UK that early, but think they started in the US as you tend to do everything on a larger scale than we do. It is amazing how much change there has been in agriculture over my lifetime, and I think that stooking the wheat had pretty well gone out by the time I first remember, although I think I do have a vague memory of someone ploughing with horses.

Nice so much is going to help food pantries.


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 20 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nice farm, the way the plough person and the horses worked with the land to use the small curves in the surface is beautiful

big horses and donkeys(well the odd race horse)are the only equines i get on with

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