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Penny Outskirts

Joined: 18 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 06 8:03 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

What; bum or moist?


Joined: 17 Nov 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 06 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

The 'M' word.
Apropos not a lot, that word once cost me a bottle of champage - I bet a friend she couldn't get the phrase "moist gusset" into the Daily Mail (where she was working at the time for Nigel Dempster - one of the truly nastiest pieces of work to walk the Earth, but that's another story).
And damn me if she didn't write a piece about some Z list polo-playing celebrity which mentioned, in about the seventh paragraph, "...and has been seen with the legendary Antibes playboy, Moi St Gusset...".
The cow!
What made the bet worth it, however, was how the name made it into the cuttings file, and the next time some inane profile in Femail mentioned said Z-list person, it also mentioned Moi St Gusset. For all I know, he's still lingering in the cuttings library like a nasty damp patch!
Oh, the shallowness of newspapers...

Sorry, I'm clearly rambling. This has naff-all to do with post knockers.


Joined: 02 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 06 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

i asked an unnamed sun sub editor "where do the stories come from ?"
he said "we have a few hours in the pub with scum like you and then we go to work and make it up "
i believe him

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