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Roll out lawns
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gil wrote:
However, I don't think the lawn is grown in a particularly environmentally-friendly manner - as fast as possible, I should think, using all kinds of fertilisers - and I wonder where they get all the topsoil from ?

A huge amount of the land round here is used for growing turf. They lay a net all across the fields, and sow it, then, harvest much later with very nifty machines.

I have no idea if it's organic, or not (I'd bet a kidney it's not), but I do know that a farmer can get vast sums per acre for turf, as against spuds, their usual crop. However, cos it nicks an inch of soil, or so, it they can only do it a couple of times on each field. There's money to be made renting out a field for a few months to Rollalawn, or whatever they're called. Hundreds of acres used at a time. I assume for housing estates, garden centres, and Tahir-like land barons.

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