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Courgette Relish
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 09 9:17 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

ijust do generic chutney/relishes with my veggies
recipe goes something like

salt any cucumbery/coourgetty/marrowy things and leabe over night - drain off liquid.
chop in a good quantity of onion
chuck in pan with any other ingredients (carrots - bits is of unused sweetcorn peepers etc)
cover over with vinegar (my apple wine vinegar is a good choice but what ever i to hand
sweeten to taste with a bit of sugar
chuck in spices and stuff to taste
cook it up til it looks right
taste it (remember to let go cool on spoon or it burns your tounge
add more of anything you think it needs (i often add more vinegar and reduce cos i like it vinegary)

number one rule for me is to make 2-3 jars at a time and change ingredients next time spice some hot some mild - that way you end up with loads of different chutneys and relishes - which is loads more fun than a fixed recipe|!

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