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Where recycling pays
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 11 8:29 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

Nick wrote:
onemanband wrote:
Yes national service would combat fly-tipping here.
Human rights, political correctness and health and safety would prevent any national service involving the military, the old, the young, anything mechanical etc .
All that would be left for national service would be litter picking so it might work.

Doesn't seem to be the case across Europe. I'm not sure there are front line soldiers doing National Service within the EU, but certainly support staff are there.

Would it work? I'm guessing what it does is give people a stake and pride in their country. Do many 17 year olds have that here, now? And by pride, I mean a love and feeling for the place and the other people in it, to look after it, and make it better, not just the ability to throw on a St George's flag T shirt and moan about Polish people.

It might also instill a sense of discipline, which IMO would not be a bad thing. Also we have record numbers of unemployed young people who may benefit from being wanted by society rather than dismissed as many seem to be today.


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 11 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote    

Hairyloon wrote:
onemanband wrote:
I haven't got an answer to fly-tipping except better education of the public about licensed waste carriers.

A bit of action and initiative from the Environment Agency would not go amiss.
Anybody transporting or collecting waste should have a waste carriers licence and should issue a transfer note with the waste details on.

They do not have to issue a transfer note for domestic waste. They should have to, but it seems we would need a change in the law to make that happen.
If you pay somebody without a licence to dispose of waste and they have no licence then they will not be allowed into a legitimate waste transfer facility therefore there is a high possibility they are fly tipping.

Of course if they do have a license, then that does not stop them fly tipping to avoid the fees at the waste facility.

As I see it you do not need a licence to transport your own domestic waste but if you pay somebody to clear your domestic waste then you have an obligation to check they are licensed. Anybody transporting waste as part of a business needs a licence even if you transport rubbish from one job to a skip on another.
Yes having a licence doesn't stop you fly tipping but if every householder checked licences then those people with previous convictions(and no licence) would find it harder to illegelly collect waste.
If your waste ends up in a field and is traced to you then without a transfer note you cannot prove it wasn't you that fly tipped. Saying you paid some bloke that knocked on door is not an excuse as everybody now has a legal obligation to ensure their waste is properly disposed of- the householder can also be fined.
Its not a fool proof system . If a trader is stopped by the police and has no licence for waste he is carrying then he can't be done for fly tipping as no crime is yet commited. However he could be done for having no licence and will then be flagged as a potential fly tipper.

I think anybody caught fly tipping with the aid of a vehicle should recieve a driving ban and/or vehicle confiscated

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