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Fish- what are we buying in the supermarket?
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 06 7:19 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

They are probably caught off the canadian coast, tesco are selling lobster thermidor as well if the adverts are correct.

As a big lobster fan I would say the only way to really do it justice is to buy one alive and cook it yourself. With a bit of luck a tenner will get you one about 500-600g.

fish (the other one)

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 06 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

some interesting posts,ive been a professional fishmonger for nearly 20 years,and have seen the best and worst in fish,ive worked(managed) fish counters for sainsburys and tesco,and have worked the markets too.the only fish counters in supermarkets i could honestly recomend would be the sainsburys fish counters that are suplied by south west seafoods based in plymouth.i cant vouch for the expertese of the staff as i havent met a true fishmonger on one yet,but on the whole the fish is very good,a shelf life of day of opening the pod + 2 days,the pod unopened could be kept for 3-4 days so ask to see the tracability of the product,the pods are gas flushed to aid preservation by a non toxic gas and leaves no taint.NEVER buy fish from anywhere on a monday as there is no fish market on a sunday ,so the fish has been in store or in a whare house since at least saturday.the best days to buy fresh fish from a supermarket is thursday,friday and saturday.
as for farmed products there are a few,but if you are fussy try something else,and please DONT buy cod in any shape or form,theres no need,there are others just as good if not better,try pollack,coley,whiting or red fish.
by far the best way to get great fish is buy from a boat when it comes in,but be warned make sure its just come in! theres a guy who sells 'direct' from his boat on poole quay,only problem is ive seen the box's marked with wholesalers stamps!
any questions regarding fish ide gladly try and help,or meat for that matter as ime also a qualified butcher.
heres me at sainsburys last year!

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