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wellington womble

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 16 3:40 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

Jamanda wrote:
But it's like saying a Jaguar is so much better than a Ford Fiesta. Of course it is. But if you only have the money for the Ford Fiesta it's irrelevant how much better the E type is.

There is that, I accept, although I don't think the price difference is quite so great. I would further the comparison by saying it might be better to save longer for the E type, if servicing were included. If you have to pay for your IT support, you might save money in the long run. Apple have been nothing but brilliant with support, for both me and my mum, my iPhone, iPad and my Mac. I had very specific requirements and it ticked all the boxes.

Although there are more android suppliers, and this increases competition, Apple is still competing in the tablet/smartphone market, so it's never going to be way out of whack with everything (or at least not so far as to put weight the benefits of superior products and support). I also hear a lot about 'Apple deliberately making things incompatible' (from a family member) which I haven't found to be the case at all. I've only recently swapped to a Mac, and have both an iPhone and iPad for years, working just fine with a Windows laptop. I swapped to a Mac because my iPhone pics back up automatically to the Mac, which backs up automatically to the cloud and an external hardrive, and because I can stream content from the Mac to devices via wifi (I think. I haven't actually got round to trying yet. I git Netflix instead). I could have done this with Windows, too, but I've been so pleased with my Apple products I wanted to give a Mac a go and swapping to a desktop with a big screen made sense for viewing. The iPad has replaced the laptops mobility for us.

I upgrade my iphone for free every two years as well.

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