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'Fearings' tatoo numbers?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 15 9:40 am    Post subject: 'Fearings' tatoo numbers?  Reply with quote    

Just a year or two ago when I started keeping GOS pigs again, I bought a 'Fearings Tatoo Kit and being just a little mathematically challenged, I also bought what I thought was a full set of numbers to go with it. Well at least that's what I thought I'd done. :cred: BUT having moved up to the magic mark of needing to tattoo more than 21 piglets, I now realise that I should have ordered another set of numbers.
Everything had worked splendidly up until now but having reached the point of 21 piglets, I now need two 2's and two 3' etc to go beyond 22.
I was going to tattoo all of Dot's and Gladys's piglets this weekend but can't proceed until I get the extra numbers. I don't suppose that anyone has got a set of numbers they want to sell or lend to me?

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