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GYO Web Resources: Advice, seeds, supplies and more...

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 05 1:32 pm    Post subject: GYO Web Resources: Advice, seeds, supplies and more... Reply with quote

Grow Your Own Web Resources

Here's a link to some of the resources on this website please PM me if your favourite isn't listed:

Grow Your Own


Jerry posted this over on the River Cottage Website and has very kindly given me permission to cut and paste it here. You will find links to advice on GYO, seed companies and suppliers plus more. Post any other useful links that you may have below this post.

So, many thanks to Jerry and I hope you find it useful too, you can find the link to his allotment blog at teh bottom, he says......

I posted this list of sites on another site I frequent and it might be of use:

I have included this key

G – General gardening
V – Growing plants to eat
F - Fruit
O – Ornamental, non edible
S – Online Sales
E – Gardening Equipment
R – Reference Site
Fo – Gardening Forums

General advice

https://www.rhs.org.uk/ - Excellent all-round advice on all matter to do with gardens, plant finder and fact sheets galore. G/V/F/O/R

https://www.hdra.org.uk/ - The Henry Doubleday Research Association, leaders in organic gardening and maintaining heritage seeds. Lots of advice fact sheets. G/V/E

https://www.realgardeners.co.uk/ - Site by gardeners for gardeners, lots of advice that is down to earth and useful G/V/F/O/E/Fo

https://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/ - Lots of information and advice. G/E/Fo

https://www.crocus.co.uk/ - Reasonable selection of plants and equipment, some good advice as well. Prices are on the high side. G/F/O/S/E

https://www.thegardenersalmanac.co.uk/ - What to grow, when to sow and when to harvest. Extensive list of veg covered. G/V/F/R

https://www.gardenaction.co.uk/index.htm - A very useful site, lots of advice, including when to plant, and just as important when to pick G/V/F/O/R

https://www.reallywildflowers.co.uk/ - The purpose of this web site is to help you create a landscape using indigenous plants, bulbs and seeds, which is both attractive and a habitat for British wildlife G/V/F/O/R

https://www.rbgkew.org.uk/ - Nuff said, although the website isn't really aimed at domestic gardeners. G/O/R


Gardening Forums

https://www.allotments4all.co.uk/yabbse/index.php - Excellent forums around allotments but feel free to ask questions even if you only have a garden. Covers veg and non veg gardening G/V/F/O/Fo

https://www.gardenweb.com/ - The internet's garden community ". A distinctly American flavour but there are plenty of " foreigners " as well. There is also a European section. Fo

https://www.tmac.clara.co.uk/urgring/urgfaqs.htm - the Usenet group uk.rec.gardening 's FAQs - and u.r.g deserves a mention in its own right G/V/F/O/R/Fo

https://www.uk.gardenweb.com/forums/ukgard/ - the UK gardenweb forum Fo

https://forum.rivercottage.net/index.php - Spin off from the River Cottage TV series featuring Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall G/V/F/O/Fo


Equipment and Supplies

https://www.kayshorticulture.com/ - Good list of mail order gardening tools and equipment, web site recently upgraded and far better with on line ordering. Prices very keen and service very friendly and efficient. E

https://www.greenfingers.com/ - All sort of tools and must haves for the garden E/S

https://www.sisley.co.uk/emp_uk/machin.htm - Loads of bits and bobs plus some seeds/plants E/S

https://www.lbsgardendirect.co.uk/default.asp - Gardening accessories, tools, fertilizers, etc and reasonable prices. E

https://www.thegreenreaper.co.uk - On line sale of mowers and other garden power tools, very good service and prices. E

https://www.twowests.co.uk/TwoWestsSite/pages/home/default.asp - All sort of tools and must haves for the garden E/S

https://www.linkabord.co.uk/ - Unique modular system to create raised beds, comtainers, compost bins etc from recycled material. E/S

https://www.cmsgardens.co.uk/index.htm - Good selection of garden equipment and greenhouses E/S


Greenhouse Supplies/Suppliers

https://www.greenhousesdirect.co.uk/ - Direct sales of greenhouses by mail order

https://www.greenhousesupplies.co.uk/ - Online sales of greenhouses and related equipment

https://www.greenhousesupply.co.uk/ - many greenhouse and related products

https://www.polytunnels.com/ - as the name suggest, poly tunnel sales/advice

https://www.gardensystems.co.uk/index.asp - Lots of greenhouse and irrigation equipment.


Gardening Pests

https://www.potatocrop.com/blight/ - Site that helps to predict when blight might be a problem. Also good for checking back on the pervious years weather patterns and dates of last frost. R

https://www.pesticides.gov.uk/safe_use.asp?id=40 - General pesticide advice. R

https://www.weedspotter.co.uk/ - If you ever want to know what a weed seedling looks like then this is the site for you. R

https://www.defenders.co.uk/problems.htm - The original biological pest control suppliers R/S

https://www.nemaslug.com/ - Organic control of slugs and vine weevil. It does work, I have used the slug control. R/S


Seed/Plant Suppliers

https://www.kenmuir.co.uk/ - Site of the fabled gardener Ken Muir. Excellent advice on fruit. Some good bargains to be had. G/V/O/S/E

https://www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk/acatalog/index.html - Excellent seed suppliers that work out fairly cheep. V/O/S/E

https://www.seedsofitaly.sagenet.co.uk/default.htm - Excellent seed site that supplies some unusual items. V/S

https://www.edwintucker.com/Tuckers%20Seeds%2002/seeds%20index.htm - Very very good seed supplier, especially good for spuds, but I am biased as my family have used this outfit for over 50 year. V/S

https://www.vidaverde.co.uk/ - Collection of unusual and heirloom varieties. V/S

https://www.thompson-morgan.com/ - Speaks for itself V/O/S/E

www.chilternseeds.co.uk/ - Suppliers of huge range of seeds, good value for money, many unusual V/S

https://www.simpsonsseeds.co.uk/ - Excellent small supplier, very helpful staff. V/O/E

https://www.unwins-seeds.co.uk/supplier_search.asp - Seeds again, no on line store. V/O/E

https://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~nfarley/thomas-etty/vegetables/intro.htm - Thomas Etty Esq. does not sell F1 hybrids or Genetically Modified Seed V/S

https://www.nickys-nursery.co.uk/ - Mail Order Seeds and Garden Games, Gardening sundries, monthly gardening jobs and what's in colour in the garden this month, ideas and inspirations for hanging baskets G/V/F/O/R

https://www.wildflower.org.uk/ - wild flower seeds and advice. O/S/R

https://shop.rareplants.co.uk/ - pricey, but good if you're looking for something out of the ordinary. O/S/R

https://www.janelanenursery.co.uk/ - Excellent web site to buy seeds/herbs/fruit/veg plants etc, very good value baskets V/F/S

https://www.alanromans.com/default.asp - Cheap seeds at 50p per packet, not a huge selection though V/S

www.thegarlicfarm.co.uk/ - All things garlicy! V/S

https://www.plantsforshade.co.uk/index.html - some interesting plants and a large choice suited to shady areas! O/S

https://www.ewburrownursery.co.uk/index.php - Good suppliers of hedging and other plants V/O/S



https://www.plant-seed-mailorder.org.uk/top_fruit.html - List of top fruit mail order suppliers. R

https://www.brogdale.org/ - Home of the national collection of fruit. Loads of advice and well worth a real visit if ever in the area. F

https://www.blackmoor.co.uk/ - Excellent selection of fruit varieties, no online ordering F

https://www.roughamhallnurseries.co.uk/Soft%20fruit.htm - Massive selection of fruit for sale, good prices. F/S



https://www.pfaf.org/user/default.aspx - A resource centre for rare and unusual plants.

https://www.chillisgalore.co.uk/ - All you need to know about chillies.

www.chilefarm.co.uk - More chilli info

https://www.peppersbypost.biz/ - and yet more…..

https://www.fieldandgarden.co.uk/ - Not so much gardening but a great site for bird food, cheapest I have found to date.

https://www.birdfood.co.uk/ - another great bird food site, very good customer service and range, not the cheapest, but it's good stuff.

https://www.kitchengarden.co.uk/ - On line version of the veg growers magazine. Useful forum that is growing.

https://www.pavingexpert.com/ - from the guy who hosts the urg FAQ, all you need to know about hard landscaping.

https://www.oxbeeco.co.uk/ Don't forget your pollinators!, Information and kits to improve bee levels in your garden.

https://www.debbysgardenlinks.co.uk/ - more links than you can shake a stick at!

https://www.hdra.org.uk/support_us/adopt.htm - Heritage veg seed supplies

https://www.turning-earth.co.uk/postcards_p1.htm - Free e-cards for gardeners ! ( and flower lovers ), also an agreeable site - the author has a nice sense of humour

https://www.moonbells.freeserve.co.uk/allotment/allotment.html - Extensive diary of an allotment.

https://www.thejunglegarden.co.uk/ - The jungle garden - a diary of an exotic garden in, er...Norwich. Truly inspirational.

https://www.hort.net/gallery/ - Just enjoy looking at all the wonderful photos and vote for the ones you like ..

https://www.clematis.hull.ac.uk/ - Clematis database

https://www.seedsave.org/issi/issi_904.html - Seed saving information

https://www.seedsavers.org/Home.asp - Seed exchange
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 05 1:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent work B


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 05 3:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I can not take any credit for being a (polite) thieving magpie.


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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 06 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a lot of information - hopefully I can find all the answers to my questions regarding asparagus. Thanks.


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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 09 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was going to suggest that we might put forward other suitable links to add to the list.


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 11 5:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We just bought some seed from this place, very quick delivery and some extremely interesting and rare varieties. Recommended!



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 11 5:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Allotment packs from www.justseed.com is a good way to get started we found.

Or try Small Garden packs [url]https://www.justseed.com/seeds/vegetables/small.html



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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 15 8:38 pm    Post subject: Plant -Seed lists Reply with quote

Am I allowed to politely request that we may be included in this list ?
readsnursery.co.uk ?

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 15 8:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Of course you can. Do you want to give me a succinct summary to use?


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 15 5:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

could i add check the local car boot sales and parks with plant raising facilities for good plants,i have had nice ones at a very reasonable price this year.

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