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blocking trackers and why you should

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 16 10:13 am    Post subject: blocking trackers and why you should  Reply with quote    

a brief exchange from a comments section regarding googles new "privacy" policy which seems a misnomer as they track folk who are not even using their products at the time via the sites visited.

1d ago
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i havn't had a pop up ad,targeted ad,or iffy cookie (well, not for long in the case of cookies) in ages either I'm really dull ,dont buy things and never look at anything on the web or i use a combination of stuff that filters out the intrusive things, the distracting things ( and the damaging things ) and can be tweaked to let any of the useful things talk to my pooter if I want them to. I spose it is a bit nerdy and is a bit more complex than using one ad blocking app but if i check out blenders , then buy one chances are im not going to buy at least three a day for the next few months but more importantly I do not want anyone building a net wide profile of me for commercial reasons as sooner or later their security will be breached and all my data sold to the highest criminal bidder to clone or attempt to defraud me.
Perhaps my method is a bit harsh on those who are funding their publication or service by advertising but they could seek more acceptable means of separating advertisers from their money that still presents the product without being intrusive of potentially harmful and perhaps advertisers might find a way to be better at selling ie i use one kitchen blender i do not collect the things rather than target me because i bought one target the billions of folk who didnt buy one yesterday.
PS if it is done well even the "we notice you are using an ad blocker..." messages are blocked from noticing
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seberry stilldpack
18h ago

What do you use?
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stilldpack seberry
12h ago

linux and usually firefox + duck go go but i do use a variety of browsers and search engines depending on the task in hand is the basic rig .
Then as add ons I use ad block plus, no script, a linux based antivirus and at the moment red morph instead of my usual ghostery which went a bit wobbly after a recent update, although it might be fine on windows or mac os's .
Different settings are sometimes necessary for different sites but once established life is ad and tracker free while retaining functions such the content, comments ,links ,video etc etc that are useful.

stilldpack seberry
12h ago

PS sorry about the punctuation in my reply ,hope it still makes sense.
PPS for another level of privacy systems such as TOR and the various similar onion routers are reasonably secure but even just running a simple proxy on a mainstream browser will throw a lot of trackers and cookies into confusion.
PPPS on some site allowing some cookies is rather handy as it avoids having to log in etc and saves a fair bit of faff so long as you make sure to forbid the ones that track you and send ads etc etc .
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A last PS. You do need to regularly recheck for freshly added trackers and tell your apps to ban them as soon as they are sneaked into the system. Such things are constantly tweaked, renamed and replaced as well as being introduced whenever a fresh deal is made with a tracking company by the hosting site .

here is a linky to the article regarding googles activities (other intrusive b'stards are available )

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