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New Allotment Diary, March 15th

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 05 10:11 am    Post subject: New Allotment Diary, March 15th  Reply with quote    

Managed to get a lot done on Saturday. Cleared the pile of suspect waste by the shed (sorted into bits worth keeping and bits to be rid of now), cleared the brambles best I could from the un-dug bit at that end (uncovering what might be an old gooseberry bush), dug over more stuff by the pond to plant three rhubarb plants (which will give shade for the pond and also a hefty rhubarb crop), got in a row of mini carrots, a row of early peas (kelvdon wonder), and a row of sweet cicely (the seeds having been vernalised in the freezer), and dropped some elodea (Canadian pond weed) into the pond. Oh, and I've jury rigged some shelters about the pond so hopefully some frogs move in.

Bought lots of useful stuff at a garden centre on Sunday, including hanging baskets for tumbling tomatoes at home, lots of canes, some main crop peas, some more seed trays and some spring onion seed (why do I always seem to be short of spring onion seed?).

This morning I've traded a pot of dried mushrooms and a small jar of jam for sludge from a really healthy pond. Inoculation of my pond with this sludge will be at lunch time (I'm going to cycle out there to do it).

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