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Hanging Ham?

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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 10 11:44 am    Post subject: Hanging Ham?  Reply with quote    

- you donít want to know what a general google search brought up Ė certainly not recommended - seriously I feel I need to bleach my eyes clean.

So I have to enquire Ė and possibly should have been here first, ya live and ya learn

What is required to hang ham, Iíve read so many seemingly scrummy marinades I fancy a go later in the year. What sort of area? Air flow? Totally dark? How much space? anything else to consider? And what else can you do in this space meat wise? If you were to hang more than one, how much space between etc...

I have an area in mind just wondering how suitable it is


Rob R

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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 10 12:04 pm    Post subject: Re: Hanging Ham? Reply with quote    

Muslin and string, lots of it- I got round it at least four times and tie it carefully. Usually hang them about 12-18" apart, depending on size, and in the top of the barn worked very well. Regular changes of air are essential, darkness isn't. It needs to be dry & relatively cool (out of direct sunlight) with no condensation.


Joined: 25 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 10 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

As Rob R said, but vermin/cat/dog etc proof area best if you want to eat them yourself


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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 10 9:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote    

We used a west facing covered terrace (prevailing wind) and also hang our sausages, bacon and copa in the same area.


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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 10 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote    

I wrap mine in old clean tea towels after they have been salted and hang in them in fabric bags (the downsizer bag type) from a hook in the old kitchen, airy, cool and protected from flies.

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