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  Topic: Disposal of Knackered Bread Machine

Replies: 13
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PostForum: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   Posted: Sat Feb 02, 08 6:44 pm   Subject: Disposal of Knackered Bread Machine
I've just ordered a new tin and paddle for mine from
cost 22.97 with VAT and delivery in that price.
Our breadmaker works fine but the paddle is fused to the pan al ...
  Topic: cherry trees

Replies: 16
Views: 5496
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Wed Dec 13, 06 12:07 pm   Subject: cherry trees
Mine were self seeded (or is that bird seeded;) )
They used to be really small fruits,not much more than the stone with a skin but in the last couple of years they have produced actual edible cherri ...
  Topic: What have you got in the soil?

Replies: 29
Views: 7578
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Sat Dec 09, 06 7:00 pm   Subject: What have you got in the soil?
harly anything in mine now.Still got
Sprouts and a bit of

Its been perishing down here the last few days
so not much done
and i need to get out and ...
  Topic: Knit a River

Replies: 6
Views: 3038
PostForum: Make Your Own/DIY   Posted: Sat Oct 14, 06 1:00 pm   Subject: Knit a River
Thats a very nice idea they have. I like it when you can help without having to find dosh. Anyway its nice when you have to go to some effort.
  Topic: Japanese onion

Replies: 11
Views: 4131
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Sun Sep 10, 06 12:54 pm   Subject: Japanese onion
I've got my sets in already. about 50 sets for 90p from wilko.
I did 2 packs last year and there were way too many but all good and big. I bought my garlic in lidl last year and they all did well too ...
  Topic: Anyone here grow aubergines?

Replies: 30
Views: 11703
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Fri Aug 11, 06 8:06 am   Subject: Anyone here grow aubergines?
Nearly all mine have fruit on but it doesn't get as big as shop aubergines.
I think my pots were a bit small. The ones in 9" pots have done the best. Mine are in the greenhouse.
  Topic: Fingerless mittens

Replies: 15
Views: 5935
PostForum: Make Your Own/DIY   Posted: Wed Aug 09, 06 9:17 am   Subject: Fingerless mittens
They are very good.Are they on 4 needles or 2?
In one of my books there are some wartime gloves which are like that but with a little cover to go ovet the main 4 fingers. The idea is to unflap the co ...
  Topic: Not many bees this year?

Replies: 11
Views: 3770
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Wed Aug 09, 06 9:11 am   Subject: Not many bees this year?
We had them 'nesting' in the old bird box(cats here so no birds).
There were foxgloves just under it and they spent most of the day going from the box to the foxgloves.
The flowers died and OH cut t ...
  Topic: Cookie cutter

Replies: 15
Views: 6504
PostForum: Make Your Own/DIY   Posted: Thu Jul 27, 06 9:29 am   Subject: Cookie cutter
Wearing thick gloves;
Take a large coffee tin and a tin opener that cuts off the rim.Cut off rim and bottom. Using tin snips,cut up the side so that you have a flat piece of tin.
Cut a strip of tin ...
  Topic: backstrap weaving

Replies: 3
Views: 2107
PostForum: Make Your Own/DIY   Posted: Wed Jul 26, 06 1:11 pm   Subject: backstrap weaving
I remember reading about this a while back.
The loom is suspended above the weaver and a strap is fastened to the end nearest the person,which is then strapped around behind them so they lean back an ...
  Topic: Bitter cucumbers

Replies: 9
Views: 3484
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Sun Jul 23, 06 1:38 pm   Subject: Bitter cucumbers
in my john seymour book it says if it has both male and female flowers,you must remove the male flowers or you'll get bitter cuces.
  Topic: Why did no one warn me...

Replies: 11
Views: 4313
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Sat Jul 22, 06 1:14 pm   Subject: Why did no one warn me...
I've dried some of the pods and ground them up to use in soup/stew aswell.

That's an interesting idea. Do you use it for flavour or as a thickener?
Both. So far I've used turnip tops,carrot trimmi ...
  Topic: Are these white cherries?

Replies: 10
Views: 3049
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Thu Jul 20, 06 9:02 am   Subject: Are these white cherries?
They have sweetened up quite a lot over the last few days.
Apparently our road was built on an old cherry orchard so could be a fancy variety after all
Dont know if they grow true to form from ...
  Topic: Pics of my kudoo

Replies: 25
Views: 6345
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Thu Jul 20, 06 8:58 am   Subject: Pics of my kudoo
That first one reminded me of Nancy Blackett from Arthur Ransomes 'winter holiday'.
  Topic: Why did no one warn me...

Replies: 11
Views: 4313
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Wed Jul 19, 06 1:07 pm   Subject: Why did no one warn me...
I have 15 plants and have frozen all the peas from them.I think they are finished now though.There is only about 1 500g marg tub full though.Next year I'm going to have to grow about 50 plants if we w ...
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