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Downsizing abroad
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bit of a problem in blighted with woofers, workaways etc
It's all a bit fishy
Sicily anyone?
Life after BREXIT
France before Brexit
Fancy moving somewhere quieter?
Hello and if possible some advice
farm share in sardinia
moving from council to council in gaglay
moving abroad
Emergency Travel Documents
Shocking news from Northern Spain...
Try Bulgarian Countryside for a few months...and help dogs
watercolour Bulgaria
Good Neighbour
Booking now for next year
I love living in Bulgaria
know of any good smallholding/land with planning in France
Hunting dog?
business in Bulgaria opportunity
Smallholding Sitters available - for outside the UK
Cheap Smallholding for sale in Brittany.
The three month rule
nationwide money problem
Helpx / Wooff hosts. How do you choose?
Question for downsizers in France
My Cherry Tree
Doryphores! (Colorado beetle)
Anyone in Asturias?
A HUGE Thankyou!
The rain in Spain falls mostly on the plane ...
Lunch at Pricey“s
Do we have any downsizers in...
fibre holiday?
Spain & Portugal 2010
Anyone heard from Penny?
Brrrr!! its cold..!!
Portugal the new Avalon
French Weather Forecasts?
If you moved from England to Wales ?
Anyone know
Supplies for Smallholders - France / Eire
If you were going to emigrate, where to and why?
AA......what a good idea.
Oi Pricey !
Recycling CDs in France
spring in Finland...
Documentary looking for family adventurers
Chuffin' French Tilers
Smallholding for Sale. WITH MASSIVE PRICE DROP!!!!
We now own it!
Expat help
What's your weather like??????
Any downsizers in Greece?
2 Pairs of hands ?
Have we got anyone here in the Dijon area?
Has anyone used this website?
Downsizing in Sardinia
Downsizing in the Bahamas
The logistics of becoming a downsizer.
Any downsizers in Slovakia ?
Fete Nationale!
any downsizers in Spain?
New Bulgarians
Sac ą jambon
Calling all downsizers in Ireland!
English Bar
the Haute- vienne 87 france
What is 'normal'?
Where in France
Strong Euro
France telecom rant
The Connexion
Madmonk - Our visit to France
New facebook group
HEY Madmonk!
Fruit & Veg dehydrator
Sick cat
Diesel Prices
Quads on footpaths
The morning after
New french downsizer
Tay what you up to?
Sheep-keeping laws in France
The Plans....
Come back
I must learn French quicker, I mustlearn French quicker,I...
Weekend looking good
Farewell Tay and Andy
Brown Ale in France
Oi Boisey
Bit of a downsizer weekend
The shed
Peace and quiet in the countryside
How nice
Our bat visit
lime finishing
Right lads
Bird Flu, H5N1, in NE France
Sheep Keeping course!!!! France!
How civilised
Too hot to garden
is rural life getting to me?
Whats been happening then?
masonary stoves - hwh
Sarko has just...
Hello from France
Foraging in France?
Well that's it then
Organic gardening courses in France
Moving to France
job titles
Freecycle in France
French farming...
Portugal had an earthquake today or...................
jus bought our dream small farm...
aniversary of UK tsunami 1602
France is the best place in the world to live!
Downsizer Atlas
Banks and Direct Debits
moving abroad
Hi from Niedersachsen (Germany)
Free holidays in France
Just spotted Sanglier
Dead proud!
Anyone in Austraila?
Downsizing abroad (for a fortnight, perhaps...)
Are Reed beds allowed in France ?
When do the clocks go back ...
Frenchies and French speakers, comments please.
emmer (farro)
Very Easy French Phrase Book Wanted
Help!! We want to move to Ireland
Message for Sophie, Pure Portugal
An interesting experiment with spuds
French telecom
Castaway 2007
french site
Goats anyone?
fosse septique
Ideas / criticism on this please
Doryphores - Colorado Beetle
They're here again ....
A french Companion
Moving abroad
Off grid in Spain
I'm running a course in South-West France...
Where do you buy your plants and seeds?
What Do You Grow In Your Country
Sea power
Text language
Welcome - Introduce Yourself
Introducing the new foreign section of Downsizer
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