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i have a ginger delight
at least it wasnt the horse
meet fluffy
well well old bean
mutt free sofa, oh dear, the next chapter?
gulp, muttless house
cattle class transport
this could go in a few catagories, livestock is relevant
bear with me
healthy dog treats
insects do useful stuff
big puss
good fences etc
that looks sore puppy
The world of cats
temple grandin radio 4
British White Cattle
"dear dog ....", overheard very nearby
cold weather care, feet, paws, hooves etc
why am i ovinotechnophobic?
football or ?
puppy sitting
dear, oh dear, dog
training the right type of mutt
talking dogs
a new bonzo in the pack
long dogs are charming
house cows
tidy looking mutt
that would be a surprise for a puma
dogs with mullets
most folk know how well i get on with sheep
mr death
nofence electric fencing
a bit nero but i like the mutt
dear dog
canine genetics
footie or not
Jack Russell with kidney problems
wow, sheepy lamborgini
goth night in bat town
badger badger badger and good news for moos
it can work
shearing v. abiding by lockdown rules.
it is usually sheep that
dogs with jobs
cha cha chimp
Winter feeding of cattle
and in the other pets catagory
proto mutt?
Bye bye little pup
dear dog number tweety birds and jackhammers
ki el bahara is deceased
BTB actiphage test
Mermaid R I P
Tamworths needing a new home
when a vet says...
Acton Scott comes to our place.
Fantasy Chicken Coop
Lawnmowing animals
Scaly leg on a Bantam chicken
Cydectin vaccination
Factcheck request on Pig cages.
mouse behavior, cargo cult ?
Help Save the UK's Heavy Horses
Im back keeping pigs again
a close rellie?
Other Years, Other Cows, at 4-H Fair
Beautiful Cattle
Sending meat by post
Dogs n Blankets
When to send off lambs & what to expect back
Welcome small cat
great global greyhound walk york team pointy
My little stick of Blackpool Rock
pigs and chocolate
phone a friend for moos
Merino sheep
Grass growing on sheeps fleece
Orf in Sheep
Kentucky Country Hams
dagging pigs (not the big ham making ones)
Pig question
Alpaca maybe?
i saw this chaps pets and
RTA Sheep (what if).
Two cows.
lots of longdogs
Hen Run With Previously Sick Hens
patching up the wounded
Bacon and Ham curing services...
A full house ?
Rabies Season
we are part of a world record winning team gggw 2016
tooth care part two
Moving livestock.
Going Dutch...
Panorama tonight (23/05) Antibiotic Crisis
get a second opinion if the first is useless
Royal Welsh Garden and Smallholder Festival at Builth Wells
2 goats needing a home...
trellis thing for excluding cats?
RIP Milo
the archers
MOO2EWE - Lisa Lombardi
im confused , welfare rules deregulation?
Sheep Tagging Query
un natural selection
ewe with prolapse
USe for Dog Hair (other than choking the vacumn cleaner)?
tooth maintainance
Organised chickens
There is a difference.
mweep , keep your brown snakes safe
The BPA Bloodline Survey.
muzzles ,a warning (nowt too scarey or unpleasant)
The Circle of Life
Signs that your dog is getting old...
Lambing Course
Soggy Chicken Run
December 18 2015
Piggy photo time again !
I owe a lot to this book.
Lame Sheep
Sheep flock behavior...exclusion
Cat behaviour question
Can I eat a chicken which died of unknown causes?
I'm too old for this being a dad again malarkey !
this cat reminds me of .....
Kids from GM soy fed goats stunted.
STOLEN - rare breed sheep - Leics
Addicted to Sheep
i hear mooing rather close to here
It's been a day for Dexters
Sheep Shearing
Considering cows - Dexters?
im not letting mine see this
Might hear the patter of tiny hooves earlier than anticipate
My piggies getting one of their five a day this afternoon.
What can rats do?
as good a place as anywhere,pressure washer,the autopsy
Animal sitting
one for the ox wranglers
I'm pigsitting - couple of questions
Rare breed sheep and goat dispersal sale - Lanark
Holly wood chips .
Goat feed
i dont know what to call this
Sheep Book for Smallholders
A website for RobR
Thanks Nick
Fleas and other biting things...
Things that eat grass
Southdown Ram
Sheep Questions
Kitty-Cat has Killed
Buffy needs a home
Frozen pork trotters - any suggestions?
New Forest Disease
cow cremation
Boomtown Rats
mister rat...
Dog pest treatments
Our new arrivals
spider id please
Devon & Cornwall longwool.
Yesterday's entertainment in Torrington
sheep nuts ok for horses? not as a feed, nicking bits
Gloucestershire Old Spots.
Escape of the Bison
fleas uuugh
sheep dip poisoning ,gov knew risks,grrrrrrr.
Double Gloucester Cheese
Ear tag readers
Chickling Vetch
But they're not supposed to do this.
Point of lay hens Yorkshire?
local paper tonight
Funny short clip.
New sheepdog being tested in Ireland.
Bait for Rat Trap
How much straw for a horse's bedding?
said goodbye to the old dog this morning
lost hound .team pointy request for eyeballs.
Both failure and success
Puppy Swap...
Proper aged beef
Clever dog
Best in Show?
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