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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 19 2:17 am    Post subject: sales help review Reply with quote

out of the main uk players only currys/pc world got it right , they tried to meet my specs but couldnt in any sensible way

lenovo , the sales pitch is not matched by a deliverable product

hp almost right kit but their admin failed big style
a call centre in basinstoke on land line rates left a serious but unknown potential customer on hold for 20 mins and another pooter maker lost a sweet purchaser
lenovo talk big but have no clothes when it comes to stock 2 ways

open source data, a NUS membership discount and a vile amount of money have got a package on it's way from bill who should not be named:oops:

the tool for the job that is actually available.

ps macs might be nice but spec per £ is not cost effective+ i have no desire to learn yet another OS architecture just to find anything instinctively when needed

it might feel odd but MS kit and MS OS appeared to be the the best match to the criteria and the beast on order has a few things i would have speced if i had thought of them.

give it a month or two, i will let you know how i get on

some pooting stuff is easy but getting tech, software and requirements to do creative and/or detailed image stuff is not.
pro standard creative stuff at a justifiable cost has always been difficult.

i know where to spend £100 on a 2ml tube of paint

there is a big jump between domestic power tools and pro ones, same with pooters.

now i need to get the gillow desk downstairs just to go for the terry gilliam " Brazil " look

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